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Which stage of the UPSC civil service examination is the most unpredictable to master ?

  • Prelims
  • Mains
  • Personality Test

Anugrah aims to reduce the unpredictability for candidates appearing for the Personality test by providing them a platform to interact with & learn from former senior civil servants / accomplished professionals who will put to use their practical experiences and insights to guide the young aspirants in their journey.

What We Offer

At Anugrah, we bring out and nurture the hidden potential of the civil services’ aspirants so that they are at their best before the UPSC Personality Board.

Apart from detailed discussions on current affairs, soft-skill development modules are customized with a view to impart competitive edge to the aspirants.

Guidance is provided both in English and Hindi.

News & Announcements
  • A place in the club

    India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group membership bid requires quieter, more creative diplomacy

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    The Past Reloaded

    New evidence on Indus Valley civilisation demands objective relook at Indian history

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  • Supping With Superpowers

    Modi has succeeded in improving relations with both China and America

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    Not Plassey 1757 but Samugarh 1658:

    Fateful tipping point that fixed the subcontinent's future course

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  • The heat is really on now

    Asia is increasingly prone to the ravages of drought. Policymakers need to act quickly to avoid water conflicts

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    A roadmap that suits India’s needs

    A 15-year long-term vision to replace the five-year plan model was long overdue.

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  • Expand the digital footprint
    The Jan Dhan, Aadhar and Mobile combination will get a boost if restriction-free Internet is added
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    Here is Food for Scary Thought
    Green Revolution? Think again
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  • How TCS Bridged the Gulf With an All-Woman BPO ?
    Tackling challenges like restrictive laws and perceptions was no mean feat
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    Haryana assembly passes Jat quota Bill

    The law will raise the state’s quota to 67% while an apex court judgement has fixed an upper limit of 50%.

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  • Private partners for a healthier nation


    Unlike in several other global economies, healthcare is a state subject in India

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    De-link welfare schemes from poverty line

    A Niti Aayog task force has advocated delinking government 

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  • Fiddling while Rome is built

    Aadhaar bill is one of the most transformative economic reforms ever. But does anyone care?

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    Quota agitations by dominant castes like Jats,

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  • Take Off From The Coast
    A few Shenzhen-style coastal economic zones can start a manufacturing revolution in India
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    Traffic, pollution need a bit of homework

    If you ask a city dweller what troubles her more — traffic or pollution

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  • Start-up initiative could jumpstart employment generation
    In quest for expansion, our economy has acquired the dubious
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    Global eye - To Tame A Dragon

    Obama attempts to stiffen Asean's spine on aggressive Chinese moves in South China Sea

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  • Climate change forces birds to rethink migration patterns

    As Delhi stayed warm this winter, 

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    Modi’s idea of India-1

    As his second Republic Day closes

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  • How new crop insurance scheme can be a game-changer

    Under the Centre’s Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, farmers

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    Why the winter has arrived late and why the cold will last

    A southward shift of two wind systems has allowed 

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  • I-T dept should speed up refunds, pay 12% interest on delays: Panel

    Taxpayers should get refunds within six months 

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    The Saudi blueprint

    The desert kingdom is striving to dominate its region and modernise its economy at the same time

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  • Discover, invent in India

    A country that aspires to become an economic superpower must first become a science & technology superpower

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    Explained: How a warm Pacific has stolen your winter

    Among the biggest El Niños in history

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  • Rabi crop fine for now.

    Field reports suggest that the mustard crop — currently about 70-90 days old and at the reproductive 

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    Fast, Faster or Fastest Train?

    New Delhi has reportedly cleared a $14.7-billion Japanese bid to build its first high-speed rail (HSR),

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  • Oil drop: Crude slide notwithstanding, retail prices remain viscous

    On Tuesday, the price of the Indian crude oil basket was pegged at just a shade over $40 to a barrel.

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    Want to Get Richer? Accept Refugees

    As political debates about Syrian refugees rage on both sides of the Atlantic...

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  • The pulse of the matter

    Farmers tend to lose out irrespective of whether crop prices go up or down. Government needs to rectify this.

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